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Captain's Farm 
Nadode Wadi, Kahlapur, Raigad, Maharashtra

Captain’s Farm, a Gir Cow Farm in Navi Mumbai, was started in 2015. Captain’s Farm is the brainchild of Capt. Abhishek ( ex-Merchant Navy), who is extremely passionate about providing  pure desi gir cow milk to every consumer

The farm started with just 5 GIR cows and now has 200 GIR Cows and a large happy customer base in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.  


Fodder for the cows is grown by an organic method using jeevamrut to feed the cows

Captain’s Farm's mission is to be recognized as a premier Gir Cow farm in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and to provide its customers with pure 100% chemical-free A2 milk and  Vedic A2 ghee made using the Bilona method. The ghee brand is Captain’s Farm Vedic A2 Ghee.


The Benefits of Captain’s Farm’s Vedic A2 Ghee:

Hand-churned ghee in this manner is good to retain healthy, fat-soluble vitamins, which facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients in our body. Its higher nutritional values include Iron, Sodium, Calcium, vitamins A, D, E, and K along with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.


Hand-churned ghee also contains conjugated linolenic acid which is reportedly helpful in losing weight, particularly belly fat and is known to slow the progress of cancer and heart disease. It is said that it helps cure headaches, snorting, migraines, sleeplessness, hair fall, and untimely greying of hair. Additionally, hand-churned desi cow ghee provides deep nourishment to all of the dhaatus (tissues) of the body, also helping with ulcers, constipation, and the treatment of burns and blisters. It has several other benefits as well.


For making 1 ltr A2 Ghee, Captain's Farm uses approximately 35 liters of A2 milk. This makes the price higher in comparison to normal ghee brands.


Vedic A2 Ghee produced by Captains Farm is made from A2 milk collected from grass-fed desi (Indian) Gir cows only.

With its pleasant aroma and flavor, Captain's Vedic A2 ghee makes every dish in your home satiating and delicious. No matter which cuisine you cook up.

FSSAI License no: 21517115000307


​Key Contact: Capt Abhishek Sinha

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