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Anveshan Farms

Anveshan Farm Technologies Pvt. Ltd     

 Bangalore, Karnataka

It all started at IIT Guwahati in the year 2018 when a Comp Science graduate had a high-paying placement in his hands.

Belonging to a farmer's family, he was wondering how to apply technology and his knowledge for the benefit of the agriculture and food industry in India. But he did not know much about this space and how to start.

Kuldeep (24) started his journey in Lucknow, Delhi and nearby villages to get an idea of how the food supply chain works in India.


He was startled to see the condition of mandis and the tiny share received by farmers versus the big profits gained by traders. The vegetables available in the city markets could be procured at 1/10th price directly from the growers in the villages.


This is the plight of our poor farmers. On meeting small-scale food producers in various villages, it was realized that they are unable to sell pure and good quality food in nearby areas.


There are 2 reasons for this - one, heavy adulteration in food has led to low prices and purchasing pure food takes more money.


Second, they are unable to connect with people in need of healthy food. No option but to do adulteration to bring down the prices.

Upon meeting agricultural scientists, he understood how technology can play a role in the food and agriculture industry. Predicting weather, knowing the nutrients in the soil, and quality control in the food supply are some problems that people across the world have been successful in solving.

About the founders:


Kuldeep Parewa: Hailing from Tarfara, a small village in Uttar Pradesh, Kuldeep made his way into IIT Guwahati, successfully graduating and securing a well-paying job at Goldman Sachs, Bangalore.


However, he sympathized with the farmers of his village as they quit farming and moved to cities to do petty jobs. With a mission to break the current agricultural trend that is controlled by middlemen and make the sector more profitable, he came up with the idea of creating decentralized processing units in villages to add value to the farmers' produce. After months of intense planning and execution, Anveshan was born.

Akhil Kansal: Coming from a family of doctors, Akhil had a different approach to Anveshan. Also graduating from IIT Guwahati and working alongside Kuldeep at Goldman Sachs, Bangalore, Akhil’s vision was to provide healthy food at affordable prices. Most large food companies heavily process their foods while claiming to be healthy. With a vision to defy these heavily processed foods and direct people towards a healthier lifestyle, Akhil decided to create a D2C brand.


Famous ghee brands under their banner is: Anveshan

Products including other than ghee: Wood Pressed Oils, Organic Seeds

FSSAI License no: 21219188000563


Key Contact:  Gaurav Kushwaha

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