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     Pinaki Desi Cow Ghee


Karad, Chiplun Road, Via RTO Karad, Taluka Karad, Beldare, Maharashtra

To re-inculcate the healthy lifestyle in our society, we have brought products of Shree Nandlal Goshala through the Pinaki brand to uphold your healthy lifestyle.


We prepare Panchgavya Products, grains produced from organic farming, spices, and oils, under the supervision and control of experts. All of our panchgavya products are prepared from the Desi cows (Indian Breed Cows) of Shree Nandalal Goshala.


Further, we use only organic fertilizers on our farms. Shree Nandlal Goshala and its constituent agricultural tourist centre- Aapla Gaon- have major contribution in bringing these healthy products to your service.


At our main branches at  Aapla Gaon and Shree Nandlal Goshala-Beldare, Karad, District Satara you will enjoy the rural lifestyle and get familiar with our different panchgavya products and programs.


The Product to uphold your healthy lifestyle are Desi Cow Milk (A2 milk), Desi Cow ghee, Amrakhand, Shrikhand, Basundi, and panchgavya products through the medium of Shree Nandlal Goshala, Especially for the Mumbaikar’s at Saatvik Mart, Abhyudaynagar.


We encourage our patrons to enjoy these facilities.


A famous ghee brand under their banner is : Pinkai A2 Desi Cow ghee


Products including other than Ghee –  A2 Milk, Gaumatra Ark, Basundi, Shrikhand, Amarkhand, CowDung Cake, Shatdhaut Ghrit, Havan, Dhoop Sticks


FSSAI License no: 21517193000397


Key Contact :  Saurav N Katkar

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