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Promoting Indian Farmers 

Sell on Ghee Depot


Dear farmer, dairy producer, small enterprise, organic and superfoods company and other potential ghee depot supply partners.


We all know how difficult it is to acquire customers and to get our brand out there in front of many of the millions of households who can potentially consume our products, not only in India but worldwide. As a farmer or a dairy owner who is passionate about ghee production, especially A2, organic, grass-fed and other artisanal ghee producers know that their product is extremely good and needs to be made aware of amongst a wider target audience.


Ghee Depot provides you, the artisanal ghee producer, dairy farmer, social enterprise, or superfood supplier with a channel to sell your brand and products to businesses, importers, retailers, restaurants and consumers worldwide.


If you would like to use this channel to enhance your outreach to any of the following segments please contact us:


  • Sell to importers and traders worldwide

  • Sell to Indian and specialty food restaurants worldwide

  • Sell to retailers worldwide

  • Sell to consumers worldwide


You would need to provide us with the following:

  • Your food manufacturing license

  • Your food safety certifications for manufacturing and marketing. If these are two separate entities, then we need two separate certificates

  • Samples of the different variants and SKUs that you would like to sell or export (four units each to be delivered to our office in Mumbai, India)


 We also request you to provide your company details which include:

  • Registration and shops and establishments license

  • Import-export code(IEC), if any

  • Company GST number

  • Company owner's or director's information

  • Company registered and business addresses

  • Contact Person, Contact email and phone number

Please email

We look forward to engaging with you and welcoming you on board once we have all the requisite documentation, safety certificates, and license copies along with product samples and terms of trade and legal agreements. This process may take up to a minimum of 4 weeks subject to the availability of all documents.


Thank you.

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