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Partner with GHEE DEPOT 

Become a Ghee Depot Franchisee


If you are passionate about promoting good health and would like to do a business that will also promote farmers and dairy producers in India, you could apply to become a Ghee Depot franchisee.


We are currently open to getting in new franchisees in various cities across the world and India.


A Ghee Depot franchisee would need to import (if overseas) or order and hold inventory of their choice at their location.


A Ghee Depot franchisee needs to be a business with a registered tax ID.  One which is allowed to sell products to consumers.


As a Ghee Depot franchisee, you would sell products to consumers from your stock. If you wish to sell products from Ghee Depot direct or you wish Ghee Depot to collect the money and invoice the consumer, you could become a Ghee Depot channel partner.


As a Ghee Depot channel partner, you need not hold any inventory nor invoice the end consumer. You simply have to collect orders and pass them to Ghee Depot for execution.


To know more about how you can become a Ghee Depot franchise or a channel (affiliate) partner, please write to us at

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