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Shri Krishna Farms


Village Sakatpur and Tikli, Gurgaon, Haryana.

The company was established in 2017, by two brothers, Madan Mohan and Krishan Mohan, as an effort to bring the highest quality organic A2 desi cow milk and products to the market.


The brood stock and bulls were selected from the best breeding lines of Gir Cows from the royal houses of Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Bhadwa, Jasdan and Morbi. Something that started as ancestral knowledge from their grandfather Shri Rao Kabul Singh, has now turned into a large-scale business venture.


The foundation of this company is devoted to Gau Seva and keeping the welfare of the cow is their top most priority. According to the founders, having your own dairy farms does have its benefits which include strict quality control on the products, high quality organic feed for the cows and a state-of-the-art milking facility which can never be matched by companies that outsource their milk production.

Cows in their farms freely roam in the vast grazing land throughout the day along with their calves and only come into the milking parlor during the time of milking. Our breeding policy to produce the next generation of cows, is also based around the natural theory of selection which ensures that only the best genes and germ plasm are passed onto the next generation.


About the founders:

Madan Mohan: A successful entrepreneur who has led multiple companies and ventures to become market leaders in their respective industries, has now decided to follow his childhood dream and lifelong passion of starting a Desi Cow Farm inspired from the teachings of his grandfather Shri Rao Kabul Singh. He considers two things to be key to starting such a business Gau Prem and ensuring the highest quality of organic products.


Krishan Mohan: A graduate from Penn State University in the US and a successful entrepreneur. He has been training and learning about the ancient practices of fodder and cattle management from the various royal houses across Gujrat for the past few years. Currently he manages the day to day operations, organic feed growth and the management of cattle.


Sanjana Mohan: An entrepreneur who has been successfully running a fine dining royal themed restaurant for the past 11 years and has extensive knowledge about the food service industry. To fulfill her dream of being close to nature and love for desi cattle, she joined this venture. Currently she manages the operational and marketing side of the business.


 The famous ghee brand under their banner is Gir Amritphal



FSSAI License no: 10818005000603


Key Contact : Madan Mohan

For export enquiries please write to

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