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Saahi Gir

Shree Saahi Gir Gaudham

Saahi Gir Cattle Breeders Limited

                           Village 5 ML Netewala, Tehsil and District Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

Shree Saahi Gir Gaudham is a Certified Family Managed Indigenous Cow Farm. The family settled in Sri Ganganagar post migrating at the time of India’s partition in 1947.


With nothing in hand except clothes and eatables, the family started their new life journey in Sri Ganganagar, situated in North-Western Rajasthan, close to Punjab. The first asset Late Smt. Bishan Devi bought a “Cow” to give her children a nutritious diet in their new home.


For hundreds of years, the fertile lands of Punjab, Haryana and North-West Rajasthan have been home to Indigenous Cows due to the abundant availability of fodder and water for Cows. As Human colonies grow near man-made highways, Cow-Herds and Breeder-Families grow near rivers thus blessing the geographical belt with nutritious milk and milk products like Ghee, Mawa (Condensed Milk), Chaach (Butter Milk), etc.


Shree Saahi Gir Gaudham, a seed planted by Smt. Bishan Devi in 1947 at her home is now a Prosperous Tree in the form of a Backward Integrated Organized Indigenous Cow Farm. With her blessings, it now brings forth its fruit in the form of A2 Cow Ghee.


We consciously rear and breed indigenous Gir Cows for regeneration and herd improvement. We also manage farmland for the in-house production of fodder, grains and grasses for our free-grazing cows.


The grains and grasses are grown organically using our cow yard dung as manure. A2 Ghee is prepared traditionally at our farm on a daily basis in small batches using the Billona method. Saahi Gir A2 Desi Cow Ghee comes to your kitchen directly from our farm.

About the founder:

The farm is actively run and managed by Raj Setia son of Smt. Bishan Devi and Pooja Setia, the farmer’s daughter-in-law. Raj Setia, born in 1956 had seen Sri Ganganagar grow as an agricultural belt as he himself grew up.


He got his education from DAV School and MD College, Rajasthan University. Pooja Setia grew up in Sirsa, another agricultural town of Haryana state  and completed her M.Com and M.Phil from Kurukshetra University. She has a natural love for cows seeing her own mother and grandmother at home since childhood.  She got attracted to the family farm post-marriage and got actively involved with her father-in-law in the management of the farm.


A famous ghee brand under their banner is: Saahi Gir


FSSAI License no: 2221909 1005713


Key Contact:  Akshay

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