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Humpy Farms
Pune, Maharashtra

Jaywant Patil and Malvika Gaekwad, who shared a common dream – to champion the cause of organic farming and provide people with wholesome, pure A2 milk and ghee. Their dream became a reality in the form of Humpy Farms.

Jaywant Patil, a former IT professional with eight years of experience, embarked on his organic farming journey in 2010. He juggled his IT job during the week and dedicated his weekends to managing a farm. However, as time passed, Jaywant realized the immense potential of farming as a sustainable livelihood and a way to make a meaningful impact on rural farmers' lives. Thus, he bid farewell to his IT career and ventured into the hinterlands of India, determined to make a difference.

Malvika Gaekwad, with a background in information technology, initially dabbled in organic farming as a hobby in 2013. While working as a software engineer in Pune, she felt a void in her career and yearned for a deeper purpose. Her hobby soon transformed into a mission as she began working tirelessly to secure fair prices for farmers' produce through various marketing avenues. Inspired by her grandfather, who had contributed to the establishment of Pune's Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC), Malvika understood the plight of farmers who lacked the autonomy to set their prices. This realization fueled her passion for advocating farmers' empowerment.

The turning point in their journey came when Malvika and Jaywant crossed paths during an internship at Uniken. Bonding over their shared passion for organic farming, they recognized the need for a marketplace that could directly connect consumers with organic produce. This insight laid the foundation for Humpy Farms.

Their vision was clear: to provide not just organic produce but also the purest A2 milk and ghee directly from their network of trusted farmers. They were determined to bridge the gap between consumers and organic products, ensuring that the benefits of organic farming reached the homes of Pune's residents and beyond.

Humpy Farms' flagship products were A2 milk and ghee, produced with uncompromising dedication to organic farming principles. Their A2 milk, available in desi cow and desi buffalo variants, was priced at an affordable rate of Rs 89 per liter. It could be delivered raw, chilled, and fresh within hours of collection from the farmers or pasteurized for a longer shelf life. What set Humpy Farms apart was their commitment to quality. They subjected their milk to rigorous testing, including DNA testing of cows and milk quality assessments. This stringent process ensured that every drop of A2 milk was pure and untainted by adulterants or antibiotics.

Humpy Farms did not stop at milk and ghee; they also offered a wide range of organic products, including paneer, bread, flavored honey, cold-pressed oils, spices, dals, and millets, which could be ordered through their mobile app and website. While their perishable products were exclusive to Pune, their non-perishable items were available for delivery across India.

What truly set Humpy Farms apart was its commitment to ethical farming practices. They treated their little herds with love and care, ensuring that the animals lived in humane conditions. Moreover, they upheld the principle of fair pay for their farmers, actively working to improve their living conditions.

With every purchase of Humpy Farms' A2 milk and ghee, customers weren't just buying a product; they were becoming part of a movement to promote sustainable farming, support rural farmers, and protect the environment. Jaywant and Malvika's unwavering dedication to this cause had transformed Humpy Farms into more than just a brand; it had become a community of people with a shared goal – to change the world for the better, one organic product at a time.

In the heart of Pune, where the seeds of change were sown, Humpy Farms had blossomed into a symbol of hope, proving that when individuals with a shared vision come together, they can indeed champion the change they wish to see in the world.

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