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Kedia Organic Agro Farms 
Kalyan, Maharashtra 

Kedia Organic has set out an organic revolution to create awareness and promote products that are grown and produced through natural methods.


They are like your family farmers who bring to you only that which nature intends you to have. The work we do is the outcome of innate love for farming and being with the soil, cows, and vegetation. We make minimal use of complex machines and equipment. Our farm is a biodiverse, organic, sustainable farm where we adopt a holistic approach using cow dung as manure for the soil.


Established in the year 1990, Kedia Organic Agro Products has managed to cross many milestones, we are one of the oldest and most trusted suppliers of Organic Wheatgrass and other Ayurvedic Plants and Leaves. Kedia Organic is engaged in growing and marketing farm fresh vegetables, fruits, plants & ayurvedic plants and juice at their farm situated at Raita (Thane - Mumbai), approximately 50 Km. away from Mumbai.


Most of our products are organic certified as per Indian Organic Standards. We also partner with production companies and connect farmers who want to grow organic with customers who want to buy organic.



About the founder:


The journey of Kedia Organic took a swift turn when Mr Nitin Kedia son of Mr. Dinesh Kedia returned from the U.K. after completing his master's. During his stay in the UK, Nitin was an audience to not just the benefits of food grown organically, but also how people’s awareness of it benefitted both, the farmer and the consumer, when compared with the conventional way of doing this. He was also amazed by the highest level of food & safety standards that the country followed.

However it was to his sheer disappointment that India being one of the largest producers of milk in the world lacked accessibility to real and pure milk and ghee.


The ghee was said to be the most adulterated food in India. It is a matter of concern that the ghee we were consuming is filled with harmful toxins and preservatives. This certainly puts our country at risk. As consuming toxins has been scientifically proven to cause cancer, diabetes, obesity & slow brain development in small kids, So it was time to bring a revolution in the dairy industry.


The Father-son’s love for pure ghee being from a traditional Marwadi family flourished and then they started buying Gir Cows at their family-owned land and started commercializing the sales extending to beyond just family and friends and since then they haven’t looked back.


The love for dairy farming has grown multifold and this helped them create a mission for Kedia Organic- to change the outlook of the people towards the dairy products and uplift the most ancient and treasured superfood of India i.e the vedic ghee. And thus was born the vision: To extend the all-natural milk, ghee, white butter, cottage cheese market and bring the product that is fresh from the farm to consumers across India


The famous ghee brand under their banner is Kedia Organic A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Made in small batches using the traditional bilona method this ghee smells divine. It requires around 30 liters of milk to make 1 liter of Kedia Organic A2 Vedic Ghee.


The ghee is made of A2 Gir Cow fermented butter churned out of Curd. The cows are milked by hand and reared with reverence. The Ghee is all pure natural and freshly made without any chemical or preservatives. The cows are grass fed and their fodder is organically grown at the Farm. The ghee is immunogenic and has natural healing properties.



FSSAI License no: 11515021000251

Key Contact : Nitin Kedia

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