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Two Brothers Organic Farms

Village Bodhani, Maharashtra

TBOF is a Bio-diverse, certified Organic Farm.


Guided by the principles of Desi Cow based organic farming and sustainable practices that reduce impact on the planet. TBOF strives to personify values such as genuine care for all forms of life (not just humans), conscious consumption, mindfulness and gratitude. 

According to the founders Satyajit and Ajinkya Hange, the word Farming strikes a deep Human chord, unleashes an unfathomable energy and love and gets us all crazy, like a blue litmus paper turns Red with the touch of slight moisture. in the same was Satyajit and Ajinkya go into euphoria on the mention of the word Farming. They are having fun while doing what they are best at

About the Two Brothers


Born in a farmers Family but Educated in a city , a Bishopite by schooling an Economics Graduate from Fergusson College Pune a Management Post Grad from PUMBA (University of Pune). Satyajit worked for over ten years banks like Citibank & DBS. He  decided to follow his calling and get his hands all clean with Cow Dung, Soil and all the elements nature has to offer.



Born in a Farmers family Educated in a city, younger brother of Satyajit. Best Boxer in school and then fought hard to settle doing what he loved doing ultimately found it after completing an MBA and working for HDFC and HSBC. Ajinkya has been a hands on farmer now is applying his grey cells on the logistics and getting the products closer to consumers and developing organic farmers

The famous Ghee brand from this farm is Amorearth Desi (A2) Gir Cow Cultured Ghee 

Two Brothers Organic Farms sells its Ghee to consumers across the world

FSSAI License no: 11519038000639

Key Contact : Aditi Bansal

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