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Advait Living Farms
Village Badhaya, Raipura Jaat, Farah, Mathura District

Advait Living Farms is a 40+ acre of farmland that has been family owned for around three decades. It is located on the banks of River Yamuna, between Mathura and Agra.


The farm is managed by first-generation organic farmers, who have left their corporate jobs in an attempt to create a livelihood & economic model that is pro-environment & more equal-opportunity driven at its core.


The farm is designed as an ‘integrated regenerative & biodynamic’ entity, it emphasizes self-sustainability. The pro-environment and re-generative approach integrates all beings –including farmers, livestock, birds, insects, plants and microorganisms into a single working system, each interdependent upon another. We have a wide variety of food items under Advait Living including but not limited to – ghee,  oilseeds, oils, wheat, wheat, flour, millets, jaggery, spices, seasonal and regional vegetables and a few fruits. Desi-cow-based farming is at the core of our farming principles.


Bilona A2 Cow Ghee:

Our bilona A2 cow ghee is made pure and healthy. It is a flagship product for Advait Living. It is widely accepted and relished. 


Our ghee is prepared from the milk of certified desi cow breeds of Rajasthan. The indigenous breeds gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, Karkraj and tharparkar (गिर गाय, साहीवाल, राठी, कर्कराज, थारपारकर) are local to the region and very well adjusted to the climate and local fooder. The milk produced by these cows is unadulterated and hormone-free. 


The cow is pasture-raised, and their movement is not restricted to their shed, natural grazing in open fields ensures the cows get the much-needed exercise and a daily dose of sunlight which is very essential for the cow to remain healthy.


Our ghee, also called “Ghrita”  it is prepared in the traditional ayurvedic “Bilona” method. This is a probiotic preparation method, making it much more suitable for a wider audience. The process first calls to convert the cow milk to curd. The curd is then manually churned until the butter gets separated from the buttermilk. Butter is then simmered on a slow flame to obtain the ghee or ‘ghrita’. No preservatives are added of any kind. We make our ghee in small batches only.


We package our ghee in food-grade glass bottles only, this ensures that the container material does not interact with the ghee keeping it safe. Glass bottles are also environment friendly and can be recycled indefinitely. That also helps us contribute towards reducing our ecological impact.

About the founders 

Meenakshi Kishore: 15+ years of Finance & Marketing professional in diverse industries, entrepreneurship, innovation and building ecosystems for early-stage businesses.  Her core strengths include - strategy frameworks, development of (social/impact) entrepreneurial & innovation environments, building international & national collaborative partnerships, fundraising (both private equity & debt), identifying & scaling innovative ventures, P&L management, leading multicultural teams and managing unstructured business situations with limited resources. 


Her past stints include HSBC Bank, DCM Sriram, Intellecap Advisory Services, her own successful startup that she exited, and partnerships with Disney India, Reliance Hamley’s, Aviva Life Insurance, USAID, DIFD, Aavishkar, Loans4SME among many others.


Since 2016, Meenakshi has spent unlearning traditional economic systems and diving deeper into developing a pro-climate, sustainable economic model for self-sufficiency & community development. She currently manages our 40-acre regenerative farm, production cycles, building farmer networks and strategy for the business. 

Amrish Mehrotra:  Amrish loves transforming products into brands. He has over two decades of experience in building new businesses. He has successfully kick-started numerous product ventures & scaled them into profitable businesses. His focus is product management, brand building and product marketing. 

In 2016 he gravitated to Livelihood & Community Development and has been working with social enterprises, women's self-help groups & FPO in Rajasthan. Till now he has led five Social initiatives and created a product platform by placing rural women entrepreneurs & self-help groups at one side of the efforts and integrating them into Modern Trade. 

At Advait Living, he is currently building the product portfolio for the brand, he brings together like minded social and farmer partnerships for market access under the brand Advait, he will also be spear heading and establishing national partnerships & alliances with big retail formats, independepent stores, and other institutions to scale large volume sales.


In the past, Amrish has spent nearly 18+ years in the corporate world, working for iconic TATA group, NIIT, Aptech India and Zee. In addition to Advait Living, he is also part of the mentorship team at CIIE, an IIM Ahmedabad helping social enterprises with strategy & growth. 


Sonu Mehrotra:  has a nearly 14 years of experience working in various fields,  with 5 years of corporate experience in the IT industry, & over 3.5 year of experience running her own start up and working in collaboration with Disney India. Her past stints also includes supporting & scaling social micro organizations, women SHGs with product development, branding, collaborations, and promotions.


Since 2016, Sonu has been the core driver of developing the regenerative farm in Agra identifying scalable food items which can be grown and developed on the farm, and she is also leading the development of consumer market in the northern region of India. 


Somya Kishore: Behavior Change Specialist & Mental Wellbeing Expert, Somya brings with her more than 12 years of experience in positive brain neural connection development. She focuses on integrated wellness that includes physical, emotional and spiritual development. She has spent more than 12 years studying anthropology, sociology and psychology as a practical subject. She also brings with her deep knowledge of Indian traditions of Yoga and Meditation. She is our lead counselor and brings onboard alignment strategies with integrated health for the overall brand. 

FSSAI License Number 227195810000103

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