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Devbhoomi Naturals

Devbhoomi Naturals, Anwlakot, Kotabagh, Nainital,

Uttarakhand, India - 263159

Devbhoomi Naturals is based in Uttarakhand and is established in delivering high quality pure & natural products. Their focus is primarily on producingmilk and ghee from the Badri cows found in that region andother productsincludingcow dung related products.


Our products are Prepared/processed/ packaged in an ethical and sustainable manner without the use of any chemicals/pesticides. Our goal is to provide a high-value product coupled with a superior customer experience.


Offering a wide range of products and constantly adding to meet all daily household needs, the products range from vegetables to fruits, pulses,, pickles, spices, incense sticks, hawan samagari , handmade soaps  and a lot more


ABOUT- A2 Badri Cow Ghee  and preparing ghee by Bilona Method.


Badri cow is an indigenous variety found only in hilly areas of Uttarakhand. Badri is small in size having long legs and varied body colours – black, brown, red, white or grey. Hooves and muzzle are black or brown in colour with a prominent hump; udder is small in size, tucked up with the body.


These cows are well adapted to the hilly terrain and climatic conditions and comparatively more resistant to diseases. Badri cow is listed under accession no INDIA_CATTLE_2400_BADRI_03040 as Indian breed by ICAR- National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources.

Mostly grass fed, milk of these cows is thick and yellow in color. Unlike other Indian breeds, they give only 1 to 3 litres of milk.

As per a research study conducted by Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology & IIT Roorkee, milk of Badri cow contains almost 90% A2 beta-casein proteins- one of the highest in any indigenous varieties.


Method of ghee preparation- traditional bilona method or hand churning of curd.

Color- deep yellow or light yellow, basis the weather and feed.



About the founders:

Umesh Chandra – born in a farmer family Umesh from a very early stage in life has been passionate about farming. An economics graduate he has 12 years of corporate experience in banking and mutual funds.


Towards the end of 2017 he decided to give up the fast paced corporate life and follow his passion and chase his dream and support the villagers and farmers in the Gharwal and Kumaonbelt of Uttarakhand and set up Devbhoomi Naturals


Today the A2 Badri cow ghee of Devbhoomi Naturals is being sold to consumers pan India.



FSSAI License no: 22619039000037


Key Contact : Umesh  Chandra

For export enquiries please write to

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