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               Vrindavan Desi Cow Products LLP


         Bhukum, Pune

Indian Culture has always believed in the pure and holy animal - The cow! We not only worship them but also thrive on their support which is as good as our mother’s love and support. We believe in making India a country that is friendly for Cows as we reap so many benefits from them. They not only nurture their own children with love and care but also nourish us from cradle to grave.


We at A2 Organics are engaged in serving the cows by making the best use of cow product derivatives like dung, urine, ghee, milk and curd, along with herbs by manufacturing products that are used in our day-to-day life. We encourage holistic living by providing an innovative and wide range of trusted and genuine products derived from desi cows. All our  Products are made as per FDA guidelines, pass BIS norms, are manufactured in a GMP-certified unit, are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Safe, have organic and bio-degradable ingredients, and are Non-GMO & 100% Vegetarian.


The key features of our farms

1. Our Cow Club is spread over 26 acres of land in Bhukum, Pune.

2. More than 150  Desi “Tharparkar” cows

3. We maintain a stress-free environment for the cows

4. Regular Health check-ups of cows & Organic fodder.

5. Our Cow Club is awarded the “Kamdhenu Award” by the Government of India & “The Gopal Ratna Award” by the State Government

6. We also source ghee from Local farms in Dahanu and Shahapur where they breed Gir and Sahiwal Cows

Products other than Ghee –Lifestyle - Sustainable and organic FMCG products find their origin in the Desi Cow. We make natural cosmetics, anti-depressant incense, floor cleaners and FMCG products that are made out of raw materials from the Desi Cow which come at a minimal environmental cost and are par excellence for human consumption and well being

About the founder:

A sustainable development and living enthusiast, Saiyam is purpose-driven and creative.

Saiyam has in the past been an  Investment Banker for  almost 8 Years

He soon realized that he wants to use his gifts for researching things, analyzing information, and putting the pieces together, and his passion for innovation, and making things to create an impact on the environment, the less fortunate, and personal growth as he values curiosity, compassion, and equality.


He saw the state of indigenous Desi Cows in India and realized that if nothing significant is done about it, it would be a great loss to our society as well as impact the growth of our country. He saw an opportunity to make Desi Cows a part of daily lives so that we as well as the cows benefit from it. He developed the A2 Organics Cow Products model with a group of farmers, and doctors and also set up a manufacturing unit for these products. The deeper vision was to make desi cow-based health products available to the masses to help everyone live a mentally and physically healthy life.  His vision is to see the cow as the harbinger of organic revolution.

Offer dairy animals the kind of care they deserve. And in the process also offer the purest possible product to the consumers.


The famous ghee brand under their banner is A2 Organics

FSSAI License no: 21518005000081

​Key Contact : Saiyam Adani

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