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Healthy Food Enterprises - Jivika Naturals 

Office Unit No 1002, 10th floor, T-19 towers, Near Ranigunj Bus Depot, Secunderabad, Hyderabad.                       

Jivika Naturals was founded in 2016 


Based in Hyderabad, Jivika Naturals is run by a team of passionate individuals whose purpose is to promote good health and happiness.

"Jivika means “Source of Life” and true to its meaning we endeavor to provide nutritional and healthy products for a better living. Our logo depicts three generations shielded by protecting hands and it means just that; we care for every generation of the family and ensure that our healthy and nutritious superfoods

provide them with the source of energy and well-being" says the founder Rahul Patel


Jivika states that they specialize in producing and promoting natural, wholesome and healthy food products which are free from harmful toxins, fertilizers and chemicals. They further state that products are sourced and made in India and we even strive for the betterment of the local communities and tribes involved in the procurement and manufacture of the products. For example, the cowherds (gwalas) are a community that overlooks milk production in various parts of the country. Jivika ensures that the gwalas are given the recognition and support they deserve. For every 500ml jar of Ghee sold Rs.4 goes towards the welfare of cows, cowherds and their families. Similarly, for every 1L jar of ghee sold, Rs 8 is donated.


About the founder:

Mr. Rahul Patel


Rahul Patel’s passion for making people healthier and happier culminated in the founding of Jivika Naturals! Founded in the year 2016 in the Indian city of Hyderabad

One of the causes that Jivika Naturals has is the upliftment of a nomadic group - the Gwala Community. This group is located near the Baroda Region of the Indian State of Gujarat. These Gwalas are famous for their unique cow breed - Gir Cows, which produce superior milk with several health benefits.


While the community is a major player in the Indian milk production industry, it could do with additional support and recognition for its role in the food industry.


Rahul thought of a way to indulge his passion as well as help the community, which marked the beginning of the Jivika Naturals journey. As a result of his efforts, what was initially an agreement with a few hundred farmers to source their milk for A2 Desi Cow Ghee production is now a larger setup with ties to several tribal communities, offering them a steady source of income and support.

As a part of his ongoing Jivika Cow Foundation program, a portion of our earnings are donated towards the welfare of cows, cowherds and the families of the Gwala Community. “Join us on our mission to create a happier, healthier India!” – Rahul Patel


The ghee brand under their banner is  Jivika Naturals


FSSAI License no: 13617034000055 


Key Contact:  Rahul Patel

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