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Kesariya farm is a family farm spread over 30 acres of land, located at Shahapur, on the outskirts of Mumbai. The family has been using sustainable organic farming techniques for nine years. The land is located adjacent to forest where the Gir cows go for grazing everyday.

Apart from daily grazing for the Gir cows, Kesariya farm grows its own organic fodder for more than 150 Gir cows, – a mix fodder of maize, jowar, napier, moringa and cow pea, is grown to give complete nutrition to cows.
The farm always keeps improving its integrated farming appraoch to produce best quality fresh, local and organic indigenous Gir cow’s dairy products and deliver them directly to environment conscious consumers.


About the founders:

Deepak Bhanushali : Born in a farmer family in Kutch – Gujarat, Deepak completed his studies up to HSC from Somaiya college - Mumbai. To follow his passion in agriculture, he studied B.Sc. Agriculture at Navsari Agriculture University- Gujarat, followed by MBA (Agribusiness) from Pantnagar University, Uttarakhand.

After a short stint in  corporate job, Deepak decided to chase his passion and  started Kesariya farm at his ancestral farm along with his brother Suresh. Combining the traditional philosophies of natural cow grazing and scientific Gir cow care, Kesariya farm works exclusively  to produce the purest Aa2 milk products including A2 Vedic Ghee.


Suresh Bhanushali : Having a vast experience in food and nutrition industry, Suresh had a vision to bring back the traditional wisdom of healthy seasonal eating habits. To start Kesariya farm, Suresh visited India’s best dairy farmers and research farms to gain knowledge about the Gir breed, their origin, their natural habitat, seasonal fodders available in nature during grazing and other related information.

Today Kesariya farm practices integrated agriculture approach that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, natural plant fertilization, compost, and biological pest control and strictly avoids the use of any synthetic fertilizer or pesticide.

The priority is always given to inclusive approach that maintains biodiversity, promotes ecological balance and conserves soil integrity.

This research has helped Kesariya farm to maintain world class health of their Gir Cows. Also as part of their initiative to give back, they provide  free consultancy to  aspiring farmers to assist them in avoiding basic mistakes in desi cow based farming, ensuring right health for the cows & preparing best quality of A2 milk products.

Kesariya Farms continues to focus on research, innovation and evolvement of methods, keeping track of the latest scientific developments as much as into traditional know how.


The famous ghee brand under their banner is  Vedic Ghee


FSSAI License no: 11519023000143



Key Contact :  Deepak Bhanushali

For export enquiries please write to

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