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Sangam organic farm is situated at village Manaklao – dist. Jodhpur ( Rajasthan ). The villages surrounding the farm boasts of 100% agriculture land with fresh sweet water and pollution free environment with  no industries or industrial residual waste to up to 30-40 kms.

Sangam Organic Farms was developed by the vision of spreading awareness on Indian breed cows by preserving them in safe and healthy environment.


Cows here are mainly of Tharparkar and Gir breed of Indian origin from Rajasthan and Gujarat, also known as Holy cows of LORD KRISHNA are preserved and tended to with special care to keep them healthy, safe and hygienic. And for that reason  the feed and fodder for these cows is grown at the farm itself.

Sanjeevani Ghrit – Introduction / How  it is made :-


Sanjeevani Ghrit,(traditional Organic Ghee) from sangam organic farm, is made exclusively from the milk obtained from the Indian desi cows at the sangam organic farms. Once milk is obtained, it is boiled in steam boiler which is further allowed to settle down normally.


When the hot milk reaches a luke warm temp a little amount of curd also called culture is added which is further allowed to settle down for 8-12 hours to have it convert to curd.


This culturing of milk with curd introduces another form of Fire-Agni into the substance of refining the milk into curd and then Ghee.

It’s a well-known fact that butter made without churning is lacking in a quality of Fire-Agni.


Procedure at Sangam Organic Farm follows the traditional culture in which we churn our curd with a blending machine, rolling it back and forth. This back and forth action imparts a particular balancing quality to the Ghee.


Once we have obtained butter after churning, Further Butter is boiled in a Pital / BRASS pot, until ghee is formed.


The whole process of ghee making is carried amidst the continuous chants of vedic slokaas and Ramayana which adds the vedic values to the ghee and imparts purity.


Famous ghee brand under their banner is : SANJEEVANI GHRIT



Products including other than Ghee –  Paneer


FSSAI License no: 12217032000073


Key Contact :  Vikram Gehlot

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