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             Earthen Picks


In spite of having the most organic producers in the world, India only accounts for about 3% of the world's organic cultivation land. 

As a result of the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, public health is paramount.


In these trying times, organic products serve as a toxin-free, immunity-boosting alternative to the food products we use on a daily basis.


At Earthen Picks, we source all of our organic products from small-scale organic farmers who own less than an acre of land. 


In the past, these farmers relied on farmer's markets at the district level to sell their produce, which are no longer running, owing to the current lockdown situation. Consequently, they have little to no access to buyers. Thus emerged Earthen Picks.


At Earthen Picks, the objective is to support these rural farmers, most of them women, while providing you with the highest quality organic products to boost your health and immunity.


About the Founder:

Shaheen Salim


Shaheen has been doing social work for the past 11 years now. In 2009  she became a certified master trainer for making Government policies for marginalized, underserved populations. 


Her initial work was towards the overall development of people with disabilities from mainly rural and semi-urban areas of India.


Over the past year or so, she has been researching the plight of rural farmers, artisans and weavers all over India. 


In an effort to begin by working with and supporting small-scale organic farmers, she decided to start a venture surrounding organic food products by the name of *Earthen Picks*.


Having seen the importance of organic farming and the health benefits associated with organic food products firsthand,  Shaheen learned that this is the need of the hour. 


A famous ghee brand under their banner is: Earthen Picks


Products including other than Ghee – Turmeric, Jaggery and Honey


FSSAI License no: 2152002600102

Key Contact :  Shaheen Salim

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