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Porbunder, India
Ghee Brand Name – Amrutam India

The Amrutam Story


Amrutam is a ten-year-old project which turned into a three-year-old business venture, by three students who thought bringing back the sustainable rural Indian economic model will be fun and easy work.


Three friends, Sanyam, Deep and Divyank, who met a decade back in a spiritual seminar when they were teenagers, connected well on ideas about spirituality, social welfare and happiness.


A couple of years later on a trip to the mountains of Girnar, they decided on starting a venture together: sustainable dairy, which draws compassion from tradition and profitability from pragmatism. Because what is better than bringing the time-tested, cow economy back?


From working on the maps of Gaushalas to long discussions about the supply chain, they were excited to start it as soon as possible. Very soon, they also got an investor willing to fund fertile land for the noble cause.


The only thing that was stopping them from starting the dream venture was the experience. All three kids were 22 and lived life in cities. They neither knew much about business nor dairy management.


They pivoted their research to anything and everything about milk, A2 cows and healthy dairy products. Sanyam, who did homeschooling all his life, is also a scholar of Sanskrit and picked up the task of reading Shastras to understand the superfood. Deep, being a finance graduate worked on the business plan, and commerce and also interacted with the stalwarts of the business.  Divyank, who loved the idea of wandering through the country, took the opportunity and researched various stories, traditions and folklore around cows and products in the country.


It took them two years and thousands of hours of research, discussions and planning to figure out 'Bilona Ghee' from A2 cows as the next big thing from India. And that is how Amrutam was born. Which, as the epic says, comes from churning too!

Key Contact for Information


Name: Sanyam Shah

FSSAI License Number  - 21518007000009

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