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Unit No. 139, 1st Floor, Arihant Industrial Estate, Opp. Saki Vihar Complex, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072

Ishavasyam means Ishwar Ka Vaas i.e. where God exists, it comes from the first word of the first mantra of the Isha Upanishad, i.e. Ishavasyam.

The founder, being a lover of natural food and animals filled with goodness, such as the cow, has harnessed this love to create products, available in their purest and natural form, made from naturally procured ingredients.


Ishavasyam’s mission is to introduce natural, alternative products, free from chemicals, absence of any preservatives and created without any adulteration, “The Way Our Ancestors Used To Eat In Ancient Times.”


Mr. Vivek Sharma, Founder of Ishavasyam aims to deliver the best quality food products processed in the most natural way possible.


His dream to create something substantial began quite some time back when he was still part of the corporate world. His parents at that time were both suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, joint pains and heart problems. They tried a lot of doctors and attempted various medicinal approaches, only to experience recurrent relapses. This is when he decided to go back to the Vedas to look for alternative remedies

Reading about ancient Indian culture and how people lead their lives back then, deepened his curiosity. And before he knew it he encountered a plethora of ancient Vedic cures which seemed relevant to common modern health problems.


This discovery, that ever since the dawn of medicine, healthy food has been the prime ingredient for most lasting cures, is what would eventually inspire him to start Vedic A2.


Today, the plan is to make Vedic A2 Ghee widely available all across India and also some parts of the world. The idea is to let people experience the power of Ayurveda and food when it comes together.


Today, ayurveda and yoga are an accepted lifestyle in Western culture as well and we want to penetrate the market with the thought that if ancient beliefs and practices can be fashionable, then why not look for the same in your food?


While Vedic A2 Ghee is the flagship product for now, he is already working on new products made the old way, like traditionally prepared Bull Driven Ghani Oils, Hand Pounded Spices all made with native Indian seeds and agriculture through cow dung, cow urine and buttermilk.

Hopefully, in the years to come many budding entrepreneurs can catch on to the idea of ancient, traditional, Vedic food and spread it across the globe with various offerings of their own. After all, don’t we all hope for a healthier world?                                                         


The famous ghee brand under their banner is IV A2 ghee…the Vedic way

Besides A2 ghee, Isha Vyasam also has under its banner the Kerela Wild Forest Honey procured in the most natural way possible



FSSAI License no: 11517007000193


​Key Contact : Vivek Sharma

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