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Eazy Dairy

   Village Silawar, District Sahamli

Meri Gaiya is the result of a simple thought-provoking idea – what would you do to ensure your family consumes the healthiest possible Ghee! We put ourselves in your shoes and did whatever needed to be done - even the things that you yourself hadn’t yet thought of.


As the name suggests, Meri Gaiya is not a mass-production dairy venture. In fact, it is the next best thing to rearing your own happy cow in your backyard with your own loving hands.


Meri Gaiya Desi Ghee is beyond just a Pure and Healthy Dairy Product made from the milk of happy Desi cows. It is about Purity with Purpose. Through this Desi Ghee, we at Meri Gaiya have set out to rewrite the way rural farming communities are supported, revolutionize how animals are treated and of course, in the process deliver you a product that can become an integral part of your healthy life.


A part of what you pay for the Ghee goes to the Eazy Help Foundation which helps marginal farmers increase their income by training them in sustainable, environment-friendly and modern farming methods. The Desi cows at Meri Gaiya are treated like part of a family and are kept in a stress-free open shed. Their calves are not separated from them till they are old enough to be weaned and the cows are never sold or abandoned even after they stop producing milk.

Meri Gaya Village Experience

We are so confident of the way we go about bringing you this Pure A2 Cow Ghee that we take the top 5 of our customers to our dairy near Meerut, twice a year, all expenses paid! You will be free to bring your family too.

Inspect every aspect of our dairy, right from feed management to animal care to the ghee-making process. You can see the community initiatives we are undertaking in partnership with Eazy Help Foundation. But that's not all. You will have loads of fun too. Take a walk in the lush green fields, bathe under a tubewell, wrestle in an akhara, do some archery, milk the cows, and have authentic village food till you burst!

How can you qualify for this unique experience? Simple, by buying Meri Gaiya Desi Ghee or referring it to friends.

The top customers will be intimated 2 weeks in advance. They will be requested to a central point in Delhi from where they will be taken by a luxury traveler to the Village.



About the founder:

Rajesh Madan is a nature and animal lover in the branding profession for the last 25 years. Through Meri Gaiya, he has finally decided to follow his heart and launch an initiative to offer dairy animals the kind of care they truly deserve. And in the process also offer the purest possible product to the consumer.t 25 years.  to offer dairy animals the kind of care they deserve. And in the process also offer the purest possible product to the consumers.

The famous ghee brand under their banner is Meri Gaiya


FSSAI License no: 13317005000078


​Key Contact : Rajesh Madan

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