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Organic Mandya 
Bangalore, Karnataka

In the heart of Mandya, a small town in Karnataka, a visionary named Madhu Chandan embarked on a journey to revolutionize farming practices. Fueled by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and a burning desire to restore their natural competence, Madhu founded Organic Mandya. This grassroots movement aimed to transform not only the way farming was conducted but also the lives of those who toiled tirelessly in the fields.

Madhu's keen observations unearthed a troubling reality - the prevalence of chemical-based farming methods that had eroded the farmer's self-sufficiency and well-being. Through Organic Farming, he introduced a holistic approach that harnessed the power of nature itself. Techniques like Jeevamritha, natural pest repellants, and time-honored practices like crop rotation and companion planting were championed. The result was a return to the farmer's roots, with self-sustainability and organic produce becoming the cornerstone of this transformative movement.

In 2014, Madhu began his mission by engaging with a handful of farmers, enlightening them about the virtues of Organic Farming. His impassioned talks ignited a spark, leading to the spontaneous formation of a group. This seed of change grew into the Mandya Organic Farmers Co-operative Society, uniting farmers in a shared vision of a healthier, more prosperous future. Through this cooperative, Madhu envisioned a way to empower farmers and ensure they received their rightful due.

Today, Organic Mandya stands as a beacon of hope for thousands of farmers in Mandya and beyond. The movement's impact has been nothing short of extraordinary:

Over 12,000 farmers are part of the Co-Op Society, benefiting from the collective strength and support.
A network of 300+ Organic Farmers Clubs spans 270 villages, fostering a sense of community and knowledge-sharing.

More than 4,500 women have become members, transforming into not just farmers, but also micro-entrepreneurs, contributing to their communities' economic empowerment.

Madhu Chandan's journey from the United States back to his native Mandya is a testament to the power of a dream nurtured by compassion and fueled by a deep-rooted understanding of the land. His vision for Organic Mandya goes beyond farming; it encompasses a way of life that cherishes the earth's bounties and respects the hands that till the soil.

Organic Mandya is not merely a movement; it is a testament to the potential for positive change when driven by passion and purpose. Through Madhu Chandan's unwavering dedication, thousands of farmers have found a renewed sense of hope, prosperity, and self-sustainability. As the sun sets over the verdant fields of Mandya, it heralds the promise of a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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