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THREE FLOUR HALWA By Sonal Popli , May 2020


1 cup Ghee

1 cup semolina ( rawa)

1 cup whole wheat flour ( atta)

1 Tablespoon gramflour ( besan)

1 cup sugar

4 cups water

5-6 almonds ( crushed roughly)

pinch of cardamom powder

Cooking Instructions

For the sugar syrup:

Mix the water and sugar and put in on fire till sugar dissolves. Keep aside.

For the Halwa:

1. Put the cooking pan/ karahi on fire.

2. Add ghee to the pan. Let it melt. Do not overheat the Ghee.

3. Add semolina to the ghee. Reduce the flame. Keep stirring till the semolina changes colour. ( Make sure it's cooked on low heat).

4. Add the flour and gram flour. Keep stirring on low flame till it turns golden brown. Switch off the gas.

5. Add the sugar syrup. Keep stirring swiftly to avoid formation of lumps.

6. The halwa will start thickening as you stir. Once there are no lumps, put it back on low flame and keep stirring till it leaves the pan and the ghee separates.

7. Garnish with roughly crushed almonds and cardamom powder.

8. Serve hot.

Special Instructions on the use of ghee:

a.Ghee should not have any pungent or stale smell.

b. Do not over heat ghee.


City:. Noida

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