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Indian Super Foods – Why Indian A2 Cow Ghee is regarded as a Super Food

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Ghee or clarified butter has long been regarded as an Indian Super Food by health experts and nutritionists. If we check with the fitness freaks and the wellness webs, ghee is regarded as one of the most sort-after foods and people from all over the world are searching for recipes using ghee.

It is easy to understand why.

According to many health journals, Ghee is one of the healthiest foods that you can ever include in your diet. It has numerous nutritional benefits.

A2 Ghee is considered to be beneficial for your skin health, hair as well as other parts of your body. For this reason, it is essential that you include ghee in your day to day diet. Ghee has been in use in India since ancient times as many saints and yogis believed that it has numerous powerful health benefits to offer.

A2 Ghee is reported to be extremely effective in improving the skin quality of a person. It is a powerful and natural moisturiser which can keep the skin soft and supple in dry weather. The fatty acids in ghee can help to hydrate the skin as well as increase its youthful vigor and brightness. The natural elements of ghee not only make it easy to digest but it is also good for the digestive system. When consumed on a daily basis, ghee can also boost the immunity strength of a person. The vitamins A, D, K and E can have an immensely positive effect on the body.

It is believed that Ghee has many cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the best nutritional ingredient in anyone’s diet. If you are a fitness enthusiast or someone who performs yoga on a regular basis, you can definitely enhance the effectiveness of your workout sessions when you have ghee on a regular basis.

It is therefore no wonder that fitness trainers often recommend people to have Gir Cow Ghee as it is reported that it can certainly improve a person’s overall health and well-being.

Now that you know about the potential health benefits of A2 India Cow Ghee, don’t forget to add it to your diet plan on a daily basis. Grass fed organic ghee is a perfect swap for other cooking oils and fats for cooking and baking.

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