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Spicey Ghee Rice recipe by Shivaya Singh

Ingredients long grain rice sliced onions  saffron dipped in milk(one cup) grated almonds/cashews whole pepper ghee cinnamon sticks/cloves to taste Cooking instructions soak washed rice with a dash of salt half an hour prior to cooking. Now take a bowl with ghee and dip the rice in it for 10 minutes. Saute the rice in ghee to set the flavour of the rice, add pepper grains and mix. Now add water accordingly and cover the dish till its cooked well...  preferably in a non stick deep pan. Add all fried ingredients to the main dish. Now lastly, put the saffron milk..mix well. Ready to serve. on separate pans-

  • fry cinnamon sticks and cloves

  • fry dry fruit to enhance colour and taste

  • fry onions

Considering ghee is the main ingredient use a generous/ideal amount to enhance flavours. It adds great moisture content to your dish.


Name- Shivaya Singh

City- New Delhi

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