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Kadha Parshad Recipe by Kavita Bagga

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

A recipe in which a good desi ghee is almost indispensable is the Kadha Parshad which is a simple Atta Halwa full of goodness, good vibes, memories and great taste



2 Cups of Chakki Atta ( whole wheat flour)

6 cups of water

4 to 5 heaped tbs shudh desi ghee

1 1/2 half cup of sugar

Handful of chopped almonds and raisin


In a pan dissolve the sugar in the 6 cups of water, keep aside

In a separate kadai add the atta and cook it by vigorous stirring ( bhuno it) till it begins to change colour slightly. 

Now add the ghee to the atta and toss well, so that all the atta is mixed in the ghee. Cool for about 2 mins and then add the sugar water. Since it splitters add the water gentle and keep stirring.

Cook the mixture till you get close to a halwa like consistency and add the nuts. Cook for a few minutes more and it's done!

Serve hot on it's own or with pooris!

Note : I use ghee made at home from the milk of our own desi cows. Unfortunately I am yet to find ghee which is sold in the market that comes close in taste or quality to our home made one. When out of our own stock I usually pick a jar or two from some farmers markets.

Name: Kavita Bagga

City : New Delhi 

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