Truly Desi

     Gauecogram Agrovikas Producer Company Limited

      Junnar, Pune

Gauecogram Agrovikas Producer Company Limited is a Farmer Producer Company with the objective of welfare of farmers from rural India and connect them directly with the customers to sell their produce at a reasonable price and make them economically strong.


We aim to create an ecosystem for the benefit of the consumers and producers of eco-friendly fresh organic products.


This also helps us in reversing the harmful effect of the chemicals of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides on soil and eventually, restoring and preserving the mother earth.


The company takes pride in the participation of the farmer community in supplying the fresh farm products directly to the consumers.

Famous ghee brands under their banner is : Truly Desi


Products including other than Ghee – A2 Milk and byproducts, buffalo Milk, Organic grocery, Panchgavya Products (dhoop, cow dung cake, Gomutra Ark), Organic fertilizers and pesticides

FSSAI License no: 10019022010231


Key Contact :  Rupali Kakade

For export enquiries please write to

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