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Vanalaya Gir Cow Ghee

Here is some more information about the farm in their own words.

A Bengaluru based marketing organic food company has forayed into organic  A2 cow ghee.  Produced by following ancient Indian philosophy, the ghee neither has a trace of buffalo milk nor hazardous oxytocin.

The company known for its Organic Ghee and organic food products most of which go to the online market, has recently started selling the organic ghee at its outlets in India. The brand Vanalaya promises 100 percent pure, fresh, hormone-free, and preservatives. The ghee and wholefood products are entirely free from any adulteration.

About the founder:

Vijay Ranga Vittal

The Brand founder, Vijay Ranga Vittal , a post graduate in Pharma, says that all our cows are happy, stress free and are allowed to graze freely in the fields. He explains that it is necessary to give cows a good diet and a happy environment when they are being milked, as it reflects on the output.

Vanalaya Buffalo Ghee

He is the fourth-generation business man. He is a serial entrepreneur and leader who has started multiple businesses and found success.  He started the brand Vanalaya chasing his passion to provide organic products to consumers. His deep interest in organic products and healthy living inspired him to make pure original products which are more inclined towards quality rather than just profit.

He always keeps the customer first and with the help of their feedback, he continues to improvise the Vanalaya product line.

He follows his father’s teachings and believes that if you cannot do business ethically you have to quit. He strongly recommends that one should stand up for their conviction. Concentrate on your work rather than concentrating  on the work of others, else you will lose your identity.

They retail their ghee under the brand "Vanalaya"

FSSAI License no: 11216331000457

Key Contact :  Vijay Ranga Vittal


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