The Journey of Ghee Depot

It all started with the discovery of one farm that had started selling A2 Cow Ghee.

We contacted Satyajit Hange of Two Brothers Organic Farms and arranged to meet up.

I was impressed with the efforts being made by Satyajit and his brother Ajinkya.

A late evening meeting at Café Coffee Day in Bandra, Mumbai, India revealed the hard work being done by them.

At that time (2019) Ghee Depot was just an idea. Like all ideas, it took some time to formulate. Along the way we setup a team and got onboard Radhika Duggal, a high energy passionate goal driven colleague.

Through the last year (2020) we contacted several farms and established relationships with them.

Our main intent being to promote the exports of Made in India products and to support the growth of farm entrepreneurs.

As we signed up several farms we learnt about the inspiring stories of the people behind them.

And their passion for Indian Cows and production of a range of farm produce including A2 Cow Ghee, Honey, Spices, spreads and more.

Some of our farm partners are also supporting many other farms in their area.

In late 2020, Sheldon joined the Ghee Depot Team to lead the ecommerce project.

The team went about starting from scratch and built out the online store for Ghee Depot. Sheldon was supported by our creative and product strategy advisor – Mayanka

A few months later, after a lot of hard work and set up efforts, was born.

With the launch of our ecommerce online store, we are one step forward towards our goal to assist our farm partners with export of their products.

Ghee Depot deliveries are initially planned to be restricted to Mumbai City only and the next destinations are Singapore and Dubai.

We encourage our website visitors to read about our farms, ask questions and engage with us.

And to buy products made by our farm partners as we make them available for quick delivery in Mumbai city.

Ghee Depot is a project by Tiger Pug, a cross border ecommerce company. Our group has been in business in India since 1998.

Our DNA is to be customer focused and we take every customer service request seriously.

While we don’t sell our own products, we rely on our farm partners to provide high quality products on

Should you, as a consumer have any feedback for us, please do write to

We look forward to you being part of the Ghee Depot journey.

And thank you for visiting our website and encouraging our farm partners by making a purchase of their products.

They say health and happiness go together. And we hope we can play a role in accomplishing that!


Ajay Miglani


Ghee Depot