Sarasvi Foods Pvt.Ltd

In the words of the founder, Sachin, Sarasvi was started with the need of feeding my family, especially my 3 yr old with pure and unadulterated food. I travelled throughout the country in search of farmers who were growing their crop ethically, and started sourcing groceries for my immediate and extended family.

This planted the thought that there could be other families which might have the same need of pure food as ours and there could be an opportunity to source from ethical farmers and offer it to a community of like minded people. So Sarasvi took birth in Jan 2019.

I didn’t want to limit Sarasvi to just offer Chemical free produce but also to search for authentic indigenous grains and bring them to the forefront. At present we offer multiple varieties of native wheat, rice and pulses which do remind us of the taste of what that our parents used to consume along with an entire range of vegetables, fruits and processed food.


Sachin Suri – Founder

An XLRI Alumnus with over 15 years experience leading Operations for Industry leading organizations such as Hero, American Express and United Health Group. After 15 years of cushy corporate jobs,  Sachin had a strong desire to be his own boss, and  he started exploring ideas.

With absolutely no background in agriculture, Sarasvi happened purely by destiny. His  forefathers had rice mills in Pakistan which were  left behind after his family migrated to India after partition. According to him  it was purely destiny that pulled him  back to his roots into Agri business.

Famous ghee brand under their banner is: Sarasvi

Products including other than Ghee –  Cold Pressed Oils, Rice, Pulses, Spices, Vegetables, Fruits and a lot of other seasonal products.

FSSAI License no: 20817005001473