Quality & Price Assurance

Ghee Depot is a platform for farms and artisanal farmers to sell their products to consumers in India and overseas.

All our farmers are registered with FSSAI (Food Safety Standards Association of India). As per FSSAI guidelines, registered food and food product manufacturers and re-packers need to register with FSSAI and follow all the guidelines laid out by FSSAI for food safety.

As a consumer you can see the FSSAI registration number of all our farm partners, and through the link provided you can verify this on the FSSAI portal.

The FSSAI number is also on each of the products that are packaged by our farm partners and sold on www.gheedepot.com

Our farm partners have confirmed with Ghee Depot (through legal agreements) that all claims or statements made by them in any form will be accurate and correct.

We expect our farm partners to carry out their own quality checks before sending products to Ghee Depot to be sold to consumers and businesses.

Additionally, Ghee Depot may at its own initiative do random product tests at authorized testing laboratories.

If you have any doubt about any product purchased from Ghee Depot please do not consume it. Please contact us immediately and keep the product with you for us to collect and analyze. We will give you a full refund for any defective product.