Praakritik Farms


Healthy lifestyles and well-being are the order of the day. At Praakritik, this has been our focus from the very beginning with a commitment to good  natural, organic, wholesome food.


Happy Farmers and Happy Cows will inculcate Happiness in YOU!



​Praakritik translates to “of the nature”.

It all started with a lady called Richa Goenka. At a very young age she realised that most modern day diseases, had their genesis in the processed, chemical preservative, fertilisers and pesticide filled food that we were eating. She knew the health benefits of pure ghee from desi Gir cows.

Driven by her passion to provide natural food to replace the chemically laden food, she started a small initiative by supporting a gaushala in Gujarat. With a small unit at home she started supplying hand churned vedic processed ghee in the neighborhood and taking the time to explain to the consumers it’s health benefits. This beautiful chain based on mutual respect and a sense of belonging forms the basis of our business.

 Today her niece, Dharmishtha Goenka, who founded Praakritik in 2012, along with her team, continues to support many farmers and gaushalas across Maharashtra and Gujarat  to bring clean, natural & organic produce to our consumers. The foundation of their business is to help farmers to Grow Organic and convince consumers to Go Organic taking one step at a time.


The famous ghee brand under their banner is Praakritik Desi Gir Cows A2 Vedic Churned Ghee


FSSAI License no: 11519007000126    

Key Contact:  Twinkle Bachkaniwala