Gurgaon, Haryana

Niveshay A2 Ghee - Ghee Depot


Here is some more information about the farm in their own words.

Merinum Biotech India Pvt Ltd, was incorporated in the year 2017 and has been in the wellness industry segment since inception.


We are the third generation of our families, which have been in the Food and Dairy business for five decades.

While we may bring newer ideas/inputs in terms of modern management and technology, we are equally committed to the  essential spirit  of our Company’s mission, which is to:

  • -Highlight the fact that our traditional and old “Grandma’s recipes” are still relevant and effective for living a healthy life.

  • with the prescriptions of the ancient Ayurvedic Practitioners, for the well- being of the customers and their  family.

  • -Run business efficiently, ensuring healthy growth and profits for all stake holders; simultaneously, act as responsible corporate citizens by making the environment in which we operate better.

 Niveshay  A2 Ghee - Ghee Depot


Famous ghee brand under their banner is : Niveshay

 Products including other than Ghee –  

Exotic Floral Honey

Wild Forest Honey

Papad (Ajwain Hing Papad ,Garlic Tomato, lehsun papad ),

Wadiyan Of Various Flavors ( Keema Wadiyan, Urad Dal Spicy Wadiyan) ,

Mustard Oil,

Extra Virgin Olive oil


FSSAI License no: 10820005000643