Jivika Naturals


Jivika Naturals was founded in 2016.  Based in Hyderabad, Jivika Naturals is run by a team of passionate individuals whose purpose is to promote good health and happiness. 

Jivika means “Source of Life” and true to its meaning they endeavor to provide nutritional and healthy products for a better living. The logo depicts three generations shielded by protecting hands and it means just that; they care for every generation of the family and ensure that their healthy and nutritious super foods provide them with the source of energy and well-being says the founder Rahul Patel.


Jivika ensures that the gwalas are given the recognition and support they deserve. For every 500ml jar of Ghee sold Rs. 4/- goes toward the welfare of cows, cowherds and their families. Similarly, for every 1 litre jar of ghee sold, Rs. 8/- is donated.

Rahul Patel’s passion for making people healthier and happier culminated in the founding of Jivika Naturals! Founded in the year 2016 in the Indian city of Hyderabad. ​As a part of his ongoing Jivika Cow Foundation Program, a portion of their earnings are donated towards the welfare of cows, cowherds and the families of the Gwala Community. The founder exhorts all to “Join us on our mission to create a happier, healthier India!”


Ghee, vinegars, sweetners, spices and oils

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