Earthfood’s Bilona Ghee

Earth Food's Bilona Ghee
 Earth Food's Bilona Ghee

EARTHFOOD’S has been built on the belief that we need to live alongside Mother Nature and not exploit it. Our chemical-free approach aims at shielding her from harmful toxins and helps preserve the natural state. EARTHFOOD’S have crafted an array of products through traditional practices, with a touch of innovation. These practices and products ensure there is zero pollution, reducing the wastage to almost nil. We believe food offered for consumption should be untouched, pure, nutrient-rich and toxin-free, and incorporate this belief in our functioning; in the products 

EARTHFOOD’S is a brand of VTP RAIRAH FOODS PVT. LTD., Pune. We have been a farming company operational for more than 3 years and have been supplying chemical free premium products for more than a year now. In our initial years, we have been producing residue free vegetables following Global G.A.P. practices. Said so, one of our farms was Global G.A.P. certified too. The fresh produce was majorly supplied through Modern Trade Retail (Star, Nature’s Basket, Adiya Birla More, Reliance Fresh) and premium stand-alone outlets (Dorabjee’s, Food Junction, Fine Foods) in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

With the success in vegetable we started supplies of chemical free products to start with Bilona Ghee, Forest Honey, Jaggery Powder, Pink Salt and Turmeric Powder. The range is now extended to 30+ products (and we keep adding more).


EARTHFOOD’S have been founded by Mr. Nilesh Palresha and Siddharth Khinvasara back in 2018 with an aim to supply nutrient rich, chemical free produce/ food to the masses which are sustainably produced/ procured with minimum human touch and without harming Mother Nature

Famous ghee brand under their banner is : Earthfood’s Billona ghee

Products including other than Ghee –  

i.Ghee, Oils and Vinegars

  1. Honey and Sweeteners

ii. Spices and Salts

       2.  Superfoods

FSSAI License no: 11518038001060 

Key Contact : Sagar Bora