Why you should buy products from Ghee Depot

Ghee Depot is an initiative set up to promote Made in India products. It is a part of the INDIAKA initiative of Tiger Pug Commerce Pvt. Ltd. A Mumbai based Cross Border eCommerce Company.

Buy buying products from Ghee Depot you are supporting many farms from all over India.

Farms that have been set up and are managed by passionate individuals, many of whom have given up corporate careers to pursue their interests. Farmers who care about cows, cows that are cared for and have a connection with those who take care of them. Cows that produce A2 Milk, which is then used to make A2 Ghee.

Ghee depot is a selling platform for such farms. We are setup to assist farms with international sales, to work with them to assist with export of their products.

We also encourage dialogue between consumers and our farm partners.

If you would like to know more or buy products from Ghee Depot, please visit www.gheedepot.com or call 022-41683833 or WhatsApp +917718612333.



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More products from our farm partners are on their way!