Gir Organic A2 Desi Ghee 250 ml

Rs. 650.00
M.R.P inclusive of all taxes

Their Gir Cow A2 Ghee is obtained from a special species of cows known as Gir Cows. They own 400+ Gir Cows which are spread across their 400 acres of organic certified land. When compared to other breeds of cows, Gir Cows produce more and superior quality of milk.


  • Experience beauty and good health inside & out.
  • Boost healthy glowing skin.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy GUT.
  • Build Immunity and Improves Digestion.
  • Ghee by nature lipolytic which breaks down fat.
  • Boost Metabolism and Provide Instant Energy.
  • Natural Anti Oxidant.
  • Reduces Serum Cholesterol.
  • Best to prevent Heart Blockage.
  • Treating Asthama.