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Ghee Depot is a platform created to promote farmers whose farms produce A2 Ghee.

A2 Milk is produced by Indian Cows and Ghee made from such milk is referred to as A2 Ghee.

Various terms are used – Bilona Ghee, A2 Ghee, Grass Fed cow Ghee, Vedic Ghee and so on. Many of the names given refer to the method of making Ghee and words like Gir Cow Ghee refer to Ghee made from milk from Gir Cows.

India has several breeds of the Indian Cows that produces A2 Milk. Gir cows are only one such breed.

Typical farms are artisanal in nature. Relatively small in terms of size f the cow herd. Our farm partners may typically have between 100 to 200 Cows. In some case less than 100 or more than 200, with each Cow producing precious 8 – 10 liters of milk, which in turn is made into Ghee, you can see that the Ghee is truly special.

Machines are rarely used and a lot of the processes are done by hand, while maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

Our Farm partners also engage in the production of honey, cold pressed oils, flours, pulses and more.

Products are packaged at the farms and sent to Ghee depot and from Ghee Depot to your homes.

While we have several farms in our network, we are particular about enrollment of farms on Ghee Depot. As a consumer, you can buy select products from our online store at



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