Ghee Depot is a platform dedicated to promoting Indian farmers. Since ghee commands such a pride of place in every Indian home, we chose it as our starting point. We hope to offer the widest array of fresh produce available from our partner farms and farms like spreads, flour, millets, etc. Healthy products for a healthy lifestyle.

Founded in 2020, Ghee Depot is a business venture of Tiger Pug Pte Ltd, Singapore. Tigerpug is an established cross border ecommerce and import export company with offices in Singapore, India, China and representatives in Indonesia and USA. The India Office is in Mumbai.

The founding team at Ghee Depot has vast experience in ecommerce, brand marketing and direct to consumer business. The team is committed to identifying and working with trusted farmers who follow the set quality monitoring processes and commit to supply the product as per specifications.

Ghee Depot has a consumer services desk that is available to provide answers on products, orders, order status and any consumer feedback after the purchase of products from ghee depot. We take our customers very seriously and every issue that is brought up consumers is seen by the senior management team at Ghee depot and responded to in a timely fashion.

As we go along in our endeavour to support Indian farmers and help with their products to reach households all over the world we will face some operational challenges which we request our customers to understand especially because dairy and food products are more demanding than other categories. Rest assured we will do our best to deliver the freshest products to you.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with products bought from Ghee Depot please be assured that our customer relationship management team will work with our vendor partners and farmers to address the issue to the best of our ability.

This site offers a curation of products found on a typical Indian farm with Ghee being our starting point. This site is also a hat tip to the many entrepreneurs who have stepped out of the corporate spotlight to follow their passion and give back in their own unique way.

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More products from our farm partners are on their way!