Carrot Halwa with A2 Cow Ghee

Here is a recipe that you may like. It’s easy, nutritious and great to eat.

Carrot Halwa with A2 Cow Ghee - Ghee Depot

  1. Take 5-6 long red carrots

  2. Grate them finely

  3. Put it in a cooking vessel like a saucepan

  4. Add 250 ml of A2 Cow milk

  5. Cook on a low flame

  6. Add 4 tablespoons of jaggery or raw sugar

  7. Add 4 small cardamom after cutting them into two pieces each

  8. Slow cook for 15 to 20 minutes till the mixture dries up

  9. Add 6 chopped Almonds

  10. Add 2 teaspoons of A2 Cow Ghee

  11. The carrot (gajar) halwa is now ready to eat

  12. Serve in 4 small bowls (katoris)


Carrot Halwa with A2 Ghee - Ghee Depot       Carrot Halwa with A2 Ghee - Ghee Depot


It’s a great dessert with the nourishment of carrots, A2 milk and A2 Cow Ghee.

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