Top 5 reasons to have Ghee

Top 5 reasons to have Ghee

It's the weekend and while surfing websites related to the benefits of Ghee, I came across this very interesting article highlighting the Top 5 reasons to add Ghee to your regular diet. Here's a quick summary:

Picture courtesy: Pinterest/The Healthy Foodie

Gheeson 1: Because our granny said so 

Its been recommended by wise old folks since time immemorial and that should be reason enough. But hang on there are still 4 more reasons.

Gheeson 2: Its the Nectar of life!

To quote the author "According to ayurveda, the panchamritas or five nectars of life are honey, sugar, milk, yogurt, and (guess what?) ghee! These ingredients aren't just used because they're ritually associated with the divine or the sacred. They actually have individual connotations, according to their specific characteristics. Ghee, for example, represents knowledge and victory"

Gheeson 3: Its the fat that burns fat. 

As Rujuta Diwekar explains, these fats actually help break down body fat, and increase the count of healthy bacteria in the gut and stomach. So instead of making you obese, ghee actually helps shed fat and lose weight naturally!

Gheeson 4: It helps fight diseases

The author suggests, If you've been wondering how to fight off diseases related to your blood sugar levels, like diabetes, PCOD and obesity, here's how. You need to have food with low glycemic index, and the best way to do that is to add ghee. Adding ghee to food reduces its glycemic index, which in turn helps regulate your blood sugar levels. So instead of leading to these diseases, ghee is a fat that helps our bodies build up the immunity to fight it.

Gheeson 5: Because its simply yummy

Ghee pairs well with lots of food from plain rice to chapatis & phulkas to ladoos and the list goes on! 

Adding ghee to your food enhances its flavour like nothing else can. So go on and make your food #Gheelicious!

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