Roast Salted Cashews in A2 Ghee

Roast Salted Cashews in A2 Ghee

Roasted Salted Cashews with A2 Cow Ghee – A super delicious snack to get your evening started.

Cashews are tasty.

Cashews with salt even more

But cashews roasted with A2 Cow Ghee are just another level.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself.

You can roast cashews in A2 Ghee in one of many ways:

  1. Air Fried
  2. In a pan
  3. In the oven

Just be careful do not overcook them!!

Follow these easy steps.

  1. Take 100 grams of raw cashew nuts 
  1. Add half a teaspoon of salt (Himalayan rock salt is good or else any other salt that you have in your kitchen) 
  1. Add one tablespoon of A2 Cow Ghee 
  1. Mix it up well with a spoon 
  1. Put the mixture to roast 
    • Air Fryer – 200 degree Celsius for no more than 4 minutes
    • Oven roasted – In a tray for no more than 10 minutes
    • On a pan – as soon as they look roasted 
  1. Take the Ghee roasted cashews out. Place them on a plate and spread them out. Let them cool 
  1. Serve yourself and your loved ones with a nice cooler hot drink.


Photo by David Gabrielyan on Unsplash