Roast Garlic and Ghee – A great combination

Roast Garlic and Ghee – A great combination

Garlic is known for its benefits. One of them being to lower your blood pressure.

Ghee (Specially A2 Cow Ghee) is known for its benefits, specially as a strength and immunity booster.

So how about you combine the two?

Here is a simple way to get going.

Take 5 whole garlics.

With a sharp knife cut the top part of the garlic in a way that the pods are exposed.

Take some (5 ml) of A2 Cow Ghee. Put it on the exposed portion of the garlic.

Repeat the above for the rest of the garlic.

Place the 5 garlic (whole) with their heads up (where you have put Ghee) on a tray in your oven. If you have an Air Fryer you can also place them there.

Turn on the heat to over 200 degree Celsius and let the oven be on for about 12-15 minutes.

Once the garlic is roasted, take it out.

Serve the whole garlic or just the pods to your family.

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash