My Yoga teacher says…..

My Yoga teacher says…..

My Yoga Teacher Says - Ghee Depot                                                                                       

Have been practicing basic yoga on and off for over 15 years. More off than on, till we came to Mumbai, India.

Found a great Yoga Teacher – Mr. Priya Sharan Nayak -  whose day time profession is in the bustling film industry in Mumbai but who takes time out every morning to be our Yoga guide.

In pre-covid times, Mr. Nayak would take the long journey from the Northern suburb of Andheri to the Southern part of Mumbai to visit our home. Always dot on time, be it at 6:30 AM or 7:30 AM.

Mr. Nayak is much more than a Yoga Teacher. He talks about health and a healthy lifestyle, often dismissive about the need to consume medicines for small ailments.

Mr. Nayak introduced us to the benefits of Ghee. While no doubt, having a lot of Ghee and butter and oil can lead to high levels of cholesterol, moderation is advised by Mr. Nayak.

Focus on Ghee has been high and have seen the benefits in my own well being.

Some of the benefits experienced by me are:

  1. Improved digestion
  2. Higher levels of energy
  3. Built immunity to minor ailments
  4. Feel joints to be well lubricated
  5. Less dry skin and itching due to dry skin