Air fried Brinjal (Baingan) in A2 Ghee

Air fried Brinjal (Baingan) in A2 Ghee

Baingan, the Indian name for Brinjal has its roots in the meaning of the word Be Gun or without benefits. For some reason this is the origin, though it may just have been perceived or deeply misunderstood...

While there may be many competing vegetables, Brinjal has always been a favorite to be deep fried. On its own or in a batter of chickpea flour (also known as Besan).

Deep frying is a thing of the past and with the health conscious consumer also seeking the benefits of A2 Ghee, what better than Air Fried Baingan or Brinjal.

Here is a simple recipe:

  1. Take one large brinjal 
  1. Cut it into thin slices – this can be along the length of the vegetable or cut across its center 
  1. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the cut vegetable

In a small bowl heat a little bit of delicious nutritious A2 Ghee.  Then while tossing the vegetables around you can drop droplets of the liquid gold on the cut brinjal.

Mix it up well.

Put the vegetable in the Air Fryer.

At 200 degree Celsius, air fry the brinjals for 10 to 12 minutes.

Open the air fryer occasionally to see the progress and toss around the brinjals.

Once done, serve hot, as it is or with a nice hot sauce.

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Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash